Nominations are accepted each year, based on the following criteria:

  • Nominees must qualify in any one or a combination of:
  • Athletic participation
  • Nonathletic (volunteer) participation
  • Teams or members of a team – National Senior Games Medal is a requirement to be eligible for nomination.
  • Nominations may be submitted by anyone. Self-nominations are acceptable.
  • Nominees may be nominated posthumously.
  • Nominations may be made for anyone involved in the Mississippi Senior Olympics (MSO) for a least 10 years and are MS resident or Native Mississippian.
  • Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible for nomination.
  • Current salaried or paid individuals of the MSO are not eligible for nomination.
  • All nominees will be judged on their individual accomplishments and significant contributions to the MSO.

Once nominations are received, the Hall of Fame Committee makes the final selection of Athletes to be inducted. Inductees will be honored and inducted into the Hall of Fame at a banquet held each year during the annual MSO Games. Inductees will be given awards for their outstanding contributions to the MSO.